Friday, March 19, 2010

With thanks to my readers

I want to extend both thanks as well as an apology to the many wonderful loyal readers who've stayed with this blog since it's inception last March.  Between the intensity of a family crisis (friends remind me I'm now officially a member of the sandwich generation) and the job hunt, I've had less and less time to write about life in our little corner of the world.  I must confess, I miss it greatly.  I catch myself late at night writing long winded emails with humorous asides and self-deprecating anecdotes to family and friends.  I've come to the realization, in one form or another, despite myself.... I'm a sharer... (ew....) or, casting a better light on it... a story teller.  There are just too many things in life that hit me as either piercingly sad, or poignant -- or downright funny. 

That said, as much as I've enjoyed sharing, I have to recognize, as my daughter matures and becomes more computer savvy that, out of respect for her, it may be time to take this blog private.  I can't promise regular updates, but if any of you out there in the ether are interested in staying connected, please do let me know and I'll add you to the blog's member list and offer you access.  You can email me, Lisa, at:

And thanks again to everyone for the comments, the support, and shared stories.  This blog has been one of the more fun adventures I've had the pleasure of experiencing.  And believe me... I've had a lot of great adventures.  But those are stories for another time...

With best wishes and hopes for happy travels to each of you in your own special pack,