Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Spring Breaks

I step out the door each morning now and the air is full of bird song. I smell moist earth and fresh cut grass. The sun rises up and shines down on us, warming and waking our winterbound souls. On daily walks, I see indigo waters and great granite peaks laced with snow. The sky shimmers brilliant blue and, here in the neighborhood, cherry trees blossom along with the daffodils, hyacinth, honeysuckle, and camellias. It feels like a celebration.

It's been a week of little, everyday joys. Given the events of the past week, each of those little joys feels huge. I take nothing for granted.

Yesterday, at the end of another happy day, my daughter discovered:

Hey Mom! When I smile, I can see the tops of my cheeks!

To which I replied:

Cool! When I close one eye, I get a great view of my nose.

It's spring break this week and there's lots of happy news and other stuff to share but little time to share it. I should be able to post something Sunday or, if not then, by Monday. Please do check back. And thanks for stopping by!

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johnsonweider said...

The not-knowing of China adoption has to weigh so much on kids: not knowing if their birthparents are alive or dead, not knowing anything of the circumstances. It's wonderful that you shared your adoption documents with your daughter so that at least she could see that you aren't hiding anything - that you will allow her to know everything that you know. That has to be very healing.