Thursday, May 14, 2009

Snippets & Snatches

I’ve been so overwhelmed these past few months by the big issues, by the recent, rock-your-world kinds of moments, I’ve neglected to share a few of the little everyday moments, the joyful snippets and snatches that pass in an instant, yet stay in your heart forever.

It's been a consuming week. My computer crashed. My child crashed. The computer never rebooted. My child, warmed and wilted, slowly responded to treatment.

She collapsed Friday evening with a temperature of 102. I called the doctor’s office and we went in first thing Saturday to check for Swine. No Swine. Thank goodness. By Saturday mid-day she was better, though still not herself. Saturday night her fever spiked to 103. Her body felt warm like a furnace. I gave her Tylenol then swabbed her down with a cool, wet washcloth. She cried. Then she slept.

She woke early Sunday, still fighting a low-grade fever. But while I slept, she tip-toed downstairs, poured out a glass of juice, and retrieved the morning paper. At 7am, I heard my door and opened my eyes to see my 9 year old, pajama girl pad into the room, holding glass of juice and paper aloft.

Happy Mother’s Day Mom!